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  • entourage meaning: 1. the group of people who travel with and work for an important or famous person: 2. the group of. Learn more.
  • Discover 'Entourage,' the hit HBO comedy series about a hot young actor and his pals living the dream in Hollywood.
  • Jun 03,  · Entourage," the much-anticipated big-screen version of the award-winning hit HBO series, reunites the show's original cast, led by Kevin Connolly, Adrian 33%.
  • Browse the full Entourage cast and crew credits for actors by character names from the HBO original program.
  • the group of people who travel with and work for an important or famous person: The star arrived in London with her usual entourage of dancers and backing singers.
  • 19 hours ago · A former assistant costume designer alleged that the "Entourage" star, 46, raped her at an event held for a movie  he directed. In a report .
  • Critics Consensus: Entourage's senior season smartly veers away from being a show about consistent success to a biting satire of artistic folly, but the crew's stubborn commitment to behaving 66%.
  • Examples of entourage in a Sentence the President and his entourage the gaggle of hangers-on that passes for the rock star's entourage Recent Examples on the Web The governing body proposed creating a bubble for players at an airport hotel outside of Manhattan -- where most players stay -- and restricting entourage .
  • Jul 15,  · He’s starred in the Entourage movie (full disclosure: I interviewed him and the cast for it) and the upcoming Chick Fight, opposite Alec Baldwin, and directed the films Dear Eleanor and Gotti.

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