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Its Just Propane

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  • Propane gas is one of the gases that fits the definition of LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Propane is a flammable hydrocarbon gas that is liquefied through pressurisation and commonly used for fuel in heating, cooking, hot water and vehicles. Propane can also be used for refrigerants, aerosol propellants and petrochemical feedstock.
  • Jan 29,  · If a customer is trying to transport a pound propane cylinder in a sedan or SUV, or if the customer positions the tank on its side, take a moment to educate customers on why this is not safe and the hazards that could come from improper transportation of a propane cylinder.
  • Propane technology has enabled people to grill outside or heat their home cheaply and efficiently with the flip of a switch. Propane canisters are easily refillable and reusable, making it very convenient to use this technology. Since propane tanks have only a few mechanical parts, they are relatively easy to .
  • Because propane is the type of LP-gas most commonly used in the United States, "propane" and "LP-gas" are often used synonymously. The chemical formula for propane is C3H8. Just as water can change its physical state and become a liquid or a gas (steam vapor), so can propane. Under normal atmospheric pressure and temperature, propane is a gas.
  • Propane tanks, which often come in a cylinder shape, store propane fuel for heating or cooking and must be stored and handled properly to prevent any serious accidents from occurring. Hearing a hissing sound or sensing a strong smell of gas in the area of where a propane tank is stored are typically how leaks are discovered.
  • Propane tanks do not just explode if they fall over, are hit by the lawnmower or a car. In fact, it would be hard to say that a propane tank will explode if it were hit by an airplane or bullet. Many people mistakenly believe that propane tanks in any setting will explode if they are mishandled in some certain way.
  • GLN Safety, LLC. Gary Nouse Walls Lane Hyndman, PA Ph: [email protected]
  • Propane is an essential energy to keep America running, and AmeriGas remains open and committed to meeting your energy needs. Get a quote or check out our payment programs to see what’s right for you. Get an Online Quote Payment Plans. Find a Location Enter Zip Code Find.
  • Propane Gas Grills. Propane grills require propane gas, which actually contains more energy than its natural alternative. Because of this, propane gas provides a serious amount of power and heats up rather quickly—which results in a much more efficient barbecue and grilling process.

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