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  • Synonyms for anthropomorphic include anthropoid, humanoid, anthropomorphous, humanlike, manlike, human, mortal, hominid, anthropological and humanistic. Find more.
  • Anthropomorphic is defined as manifesting in human form. It is from the Greek "anthropos" meaning "man" and "morphe" meaning "form." In biblical theology, God is described in anthropomorphic terms, that is, in human terms with human attributes. For example, God has hands and feet in Exodus and is loving (1 John ).
  • Anthropomorphic is a word which means "human shaped" (from the Greek anthrōpos (human being) + morphē (shape)). It is used to describe a concept called anthropomorphism, or ascribing human characteristics to non-human beings. Typically, this is used in reference to deities, which are usually given the form of humans.
  • Anthropomorphized beings are a staple of myths, films, books, and other forms of storytelling. Attributing human intent to non-human animals, spirits, robots, or other entities, real or imagined.
  • anthropomorphic Your favorite TV shows when you were a toddler probably had anthropomorphic characters like Thomas the Tank Engine or Arthur, who are non-human, but have human characteristics, such as human faces and the ability to talk. You may have heard of .
  • Anthropomorphic is defined as the act of giving the characteristics of humans to other things. An example of something anthropomorphic are the pictures of God that depict Him with human male characteristics without indication or evidence that his appearance is that of an evolutionarily current human.
  • n. Attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena.
  • ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing not human, especially to a deity. resembling or made to resemble a human form: an anthropomorphic carving.

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