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Haze Over

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  • Mar 08,  · WASHINGTON — An area of haze moved over DC skies on Sunday, turning the blue sky to a hazy brown. A controlled burn near Quantico Base in .
  • The monitor looks very bright and hazy that it was originally. What adjustments could be made to correct it to bring it to the default brightness and contrast.
  • The dust cloud swept across the Atlantic from Africa over the past week, covering the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico since Sunday and hitting south Florida in the United States on Wednesday.
  • If the sky hazes over, the air becomes less clear, especially because of heat.
  • Jul 13,  · The flames were burning plastic, cabling and other material on board, sending the haze over downtown San Diego. The San Diego Air Pollution .
  • 1 day ago · Cloud cover has drawn in wildfire smoke in the area creating hazy conditions. The clouds will continue to push north and northeast throughout the morning in the Rio Grande Valley. The City of.
  • Haze over the Mojave Desert from a brush fire in Santa Barbara, California, seen as the Sun descends on the June solstice, allows the Sun to be photographed without a filter. Haze is traditionally an atmospheric phenomenon in which dust, smoke, and other dry particulates obscure the clarity of the sky.
  • Thick haze collected over the Beijing region in late March Earlier that month, the BBC News reported that an international team of scientists had documented how increasing pollution in China led to decreasing rainfall over the region.

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